We have a new addition to the studio; a beast from Berlin. Bursting in looking almost twice as large as the John Brinsmead piano we had before, this Carl H. Hintze of has tons of character and a soft, deep tone that we’ve totally fallen for.

We came across this brilliant old piano through a friend who in turn inherited it from a guy called Roger Waters.  Yup, that Roger Waters – bassist/ vocalist/ songwriter/ conceptual badman of Pink Floyd.

The story goes that it lived in his home in Islington while married to his first wife, Judy Trim, during the late 60’s until their divorce in 1975. Waters had a garden shed he would write in and this would have been the starting place for most of the lyrics and musical material he came up with in this period where from Dark Side of the Moon (1973) onwards their albums became more and more conceptual and he took the lead in the band.

When the couple separated in ’75, his wife sold the piano and 40 years on it’s now with us!

Recording this 100 year old beauty of a piano is going to be a treat and we can’t wait to hear it really sing on record.


For those who care about these kind of things, here are the piano removers bringing the huge thing in – led by Alfie, a man in his 60’s/70’s who has been doing the job since his father taught him as a kid. Brilliant to watch.



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