Studio 9 provides a beautifully balanced recording environment and a blank canvas for your session.
Whether tracking drums, capturing a full band live, layering vocal overdubs or getting a crystal-clear voiceover the focus is capturing the true essence of a performance.
We have a clean, sturdy 16 channel recording system that produces high quality results, in-house engineers and everything you need to get a great recording.

With Engineer:

£35 p/hour    ///    £225 p/day (8 hours)

Dry hire:

£25 p/hour    ///    £150 p/day (8 hours)


£65 p/hour + £15 set up fee

Please email us for more information.

Core Gear:

Universal Audio Apollo 8P

Focusrite ISA 828 Pre-amps

2x DBX 160X Compressor

Neumann KH120A Monitors

DT770 PRO / DT150 Headphones

Lexicon Reverbs / Delays

Range of microphones including

Neumann U87

Shure SM7b

+ + +




**Our Cancellation Policy: All bookings subject to 48 hours notice with full fee payable**