Our studio offers one of the best sounding and equipped rooms for rehearsal this side of the river and our rates are cheaper than studios of an equivalent standard, so musicians that rehearse with us generally stay with us. We have one live room which has everything you need while being stripped back and simple. We DO NOT charge for back-line / mics / extras.


Our rates are:

Daytimes £10 p/hr

Evenings/ Weekends £14 p/hr

12 hour Lockout £120

Storage Available – email us to enquire


List of gear available:

Mackie SRM450 MK1 PA

Yamaha Custom Kit / Omar Hakim snare

Fender Bandmaster 1964 valve Guitar Amp

Selmer 1960’s Treble n Bass Valve Guitar Amp

Rhodes 73 Stage Piano

Carl H. Hintze, Upright Piano 1900

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe valve Guitar Amp

Ampeg BA100 Combo Bass Amp

Roland KC350 Keyboard amp

Marshall VS100 Combo Guitar Amp

SM58 mics / Kick drum mic / Graphic EQ / Reverbs / Delays/ other FX


**Our Cancellation Policy: All bookings subject to 48 hours notice with full fee payable**