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We provide high quality Voiceover, ADR, Podcast & Audiobook recording in a cosy, acoustically treated and relaxed environment.

Using high-quality microphones & pre-amps for broadcast quality, delivered promptly.




Recording / Editing / Mixing / Mastering.

SourceConnect / Riverside / Zencastr / Zoom sessions are available for remote recording when being in the same room isn’t possible.

If you need sound design, composition or just want to talk an idea through,

please   –  g e t  i n  t o u c h –




Voiceover / ADR

£65 per hour

+ £10 Set-up fee per session


Podcast / Audiobook / Narrative

£40 per hour

+ £10 set up fee per session


  • Rates include Engineer and delivery of takes
  • Speedy delivery of audio on any format  (WAV/ AIFF/ MP3/ FLAC/AAC/ OMF/ AAF/ etc.) 48khz x 24bit and higher if needed.
  • Files delivered as online link or hard copy.


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